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test  Posted 12/18/2021
Intakt Cheese Corporate Narration Video  Posted 06/20/2019
Television, TV, commercial, deep, smooth, dramatic, storyteller, inspiring, Internet, corporate, brand,
Infintus  Posted 04/19/2019
Education, Whiteboard, E Learning, online classes, computer instructions,
Black Wolves lacrosse  Posted 01/18/2019
Television, TV, commercial, deep, smooth, dramatic, storyteller, inspiring, commercial, sports ,
Podcast Open  Posted 11/29/2018
podcasting, youtube, narration, storyteller, deep, dangerous, awareness, believable, dramatic,
Debt Free Demo Multiple style takes  Posted 11/28/2018
Crossover Commercial Inspiring Epic  Posted 08/06/2018
Television, TV, commercial, deep, smooth, dramatic, storyteller, inspiring, epic, award winning, movie trailer, film, internet video,
Venice shoes  Posted 07/30/2018
Television, TV, commercial, deep, smooth, dry humor, playful,
MOVIE TRAILER Life is EPIC RV Nomads   Posted 07/18/2018
movie trailer, caring, deep, confident, smooth, ,
The Fred St. Croix  Posted 07/14/2018
BZTRS Promo  Posted 06/25/2018
Television, TV, commercial, deep, smooth, dramatic, storyteller, inspiring,
CSL Cargo  Posted 05/20/2018
Radio, commercials, trailers, characters,
Abbott & Associates Texas Tough TV commercial  Posted 03/28/2018
Television, commercial,
Abbott & Associates Workers Compensation Texas  Posted 03/22/2018
corporate audio, television,
Wonderland Escape room  Posted 03/10/2018
video games, videogames, character voice, narrator,
The 4 Phone Calls From Amelia A Vanilla Palm Films Production  Posted 02/17/2018
Banff Airporter Service  Posted 01/23/2018
mobile app, corporate audio, education, conversational, authoratative,
Nature Valley  Posted 01/21/2018
Television, TV, commercial, deep, smooth, dramatic, storyteller, inspiring,
GoNitely  Posted 12/22/2017
Corporate, product presentation, Xiaomi, explainer video, narration, E learning, internet video,
Courtesy Sample Narration Documentary Hawaii  Posted 12/21/2017
Documentary, Video, Educational, narration,
Monday Coffee  Posted 10/10/2017
video, television, advertising, Internet, coffee, Monday,
Brave 9 MMA Bahrain  Posted 09/28/2017
TV, Television, commercial, advertisement, Movie Trailer, narration Mixed Martial Arts,
Real Estate video narration Florida Landing at Little Lake Retirement Condominiums  Posted 09/11/2017
business, corporate, narration, real estate, animation, locution, advertisement, television, TV, Internet, online,
ChromaGun  Posted 09/04/2017
Duck Duck Go Search  Posted 08/30/2017
Education, Whiteboard, E Learning, online classes, computer instructions, advertising, search engine,
Bayou Pet Food Wild  Posted 08/24/2017
A New Pair of Chucks  Posted 08/09/2017
narration, corporate, documentary, video, television, Internet, sports, podcasting, radio, clothes, shoes, oldguysrule,
Legends of the Nahanni Valley  Posted 08/06/2017
audiobooks, audio book, trailer, movie trailer,
Canyon country Slow Cowboy  Posted 08/02/2017
documentaries, commercials, narration, storyteller,
Jesus Saves Bible verses  Posted 07/24/2017
bible, Jesus, Narration, verses, New Testament, Voiceovers, preacher, pastor, rabbi, church, temple, christianity, voice over, voice-over, voiceover, explainer, video,
Morgans Cove Pirate Treasure Hunt  Posted 07/19/2017
calming, gentle, E-Learning, slow, Hypnosis, good old boy, fishing, hunting, smoker, older male, senior, country, light southern, slow, gritty, deep, low, voice actor, audio, production, Arizona, az, AZ, Phoenix, blue collar, masculine, man, voice talent, voiceover, VO, voice-over, voice over, Voiceovers, winner, sweepstakes, win, trip, vacation, fun, coins, silver, gold, ships, shipwreck, galleon, stories, children, treasure hunt, treasure, pirates, Morgan Hill, Morgans Cove, authoritative, personable, believable, John Sutton, Johnny Stone,
Fidel Ernesto Italian White Vermouth  Posted 07/02/2017
Internet, Tag, low, slow, sultry, magical, video tag, ETV, radio, television, vermouth, preroll, post roll, mid roll, advertising, agency, Italian,
Hydrogen  Posted 06/29/2017
Hydrogen, science, drama, video,
Black Orchid Perfume  Posted 06/26/2017
Television, TV, commercial, deep, smooth, dramatic, storyteller, inspiring, whisper,
Notre Dame Military Narration  Posted 06/26/2017
Notre Dame, military, documentaries, documentary, Voiceovers, voice over, voice-over, voiceover,
NHL Stanley Cup Pittsburgh Penguins  Posted 06/15/2017
Movie Trailers, Narration, sports, video, TV, radio,
Batter Up Baseball  Posted 06/02/2017
Television, TV, commercial, deep, smooth, dramatic, storyteller, inspiring,
Easter video narration Kill Him  Posted 05/23/2017
hollywood, religion, freedom, Easter, kill him, jesus, christ, death, christianity, church services, service open, Sinister, vile, political, coniving, video, natural, movie, trailer, documentary, storyteller,
Warhammer Movie trailer  Posted 05/19/2017
Movie Trailers, slow, dramatic, hero,
Searching for Cassius seeking Ali  Posted 05/17/2017
Documentary, Video, Educational, narration,
Christmas trailer voice only  Posted 05/10/2017
storyteller, movie trailer, narration, documentary, television, film,
Voice-Over demo read for Polar Pop  Posted 05/09/2017
character, voice acting, actor, upbeat, funny, comedy, ,
Prayer Changes People Blues Guitar  Posted 05/07/2017
narration, prayer, testimonial,
Spina Bifida   Posted 05/03/2017
Narration, medical, Spina bifida, education,
Shadowfoam On hold message  Posted 04/26/2017
Telephone, voicemail, message, business, conversational, executive, warm,
John Sutton aka Johnny Stone-Breathing voice acting grandfather with IFP COPD  Posted 04/17/2017
storyteller, grandfather, narration, advertising, marketing,
BASF advertising commercial demo  Posted 04/13/2017
Television, TV, commercial, deep, smooth, dramatic, storyteller, inspiring,
Heatmaster TV spot  Posted 04/06/2017
gritty, spot, tv, radio, masculine,
Audio Book Trailer  Posted 04/03/2017
audiobooks, audio book, trailer, movie trailer,
Everest Climbing documentary  Posted 03/29/2017
documentaries, documentary, narration,
Poem When  Posted 03/28/2017
narration, poem reading, deep, gritty,
Financial Narration Explainer Video  Posted 03/25/2017
Financial, explainer video,
KRRQ Lafayette  Posted 03/20/2017
radio, announcer, ID, Liners, TV,
Diesel Conversion Specialists  Posted 03/17/2017
Radio, announcer, high energy,
Holocaust Painting  Posted 03/15/2017
Documentary, Video, Educational, narration,
Holocaust Painting  Posted 03/15/2017
Documentary, Video, Educational, narration,
Whisper Sermon bumper  Posted 02/27/2017
religion, bible passage,
Sergeant Hunter war battle commands   Posted 02/24/2017
character, video game, sergeant,
Radio Lumina San Francisco  Posted 02/22/2017
broadcast, radio, tv,
Narration South Bend, Indiana  Posted 02/21/2017
narration, documentary, educational, whiteboard,
Soggy Bottom Hunting and Fishing lodge  Posted 02/20/2017
narration, commercial, tv, radio, internet, video,
Whiteboard Corporate Investor video  Posted 02/19/2017
whiteboard, business, explainer, video, investment,
Northwest Murders  Posted 02/17/2017
storyteller, movie trailer, narration, documentary, television, film,
Documentary Du Liban, Lebanon  Posted 02/16/2017
Documentary, Video, Educational, narration,
PSA Children of Bangladesh  Posted 02/06/2017
narration, movie trailer, documentary, PSA,
Voices Joker laugh my fee is low  Posted 01/24/2017
Characters, radio, tv, video, gaming,
Santa Barbara Maritime Museum 30 spot TV Los Angeles  Posted 10/19/2016
television, commercial,
TV spot Just Zoo It Central Florida Zoo  Posted 09/07/2016
Television, commercial,
RADIO Never Boring Signs  Posted 07/20/2016
radio, commercial, advertising,
Big 5 Parks California  Posted 06/29/2016
My Rode Reel Art in Me audio only final mix  Posted 06/02/2016
narration, poem reading, deep, gritty,
Web Property Management Video  Posted 05/14/2016
real estate, property management, explainer video,
Porsche Panamera Audition  Posted 05/02/2016
Television, TV, commercial, car, auto,
Documentary Video Educational Climate Change  Posted 04/27/2016
Documentary, Video, Educational, Climate Change,
WOW 24 / 7 fitness radio spot  Posted 04/21/2016
Educational Explainer promotional video  Posted 04/19/2016
Educational, explainer, whiteboard, christian, video,
SnapMap App Explainer Video  Posted 04/13/2016
Explainer video, apps, whiteboard, educational,
Podcast Open Oak & Pint show  Posted 03/24/2016
podcasting, intro,
Radio COPD Clinical Study  Posted 03/22/2016
Explainer Animation Video Stock Broker, dry humor,attitude,snarky  Posted 03/15/2016
Explainer Animation Video, dry humor, financial,
Batman character acting  Posted 03/12/2016
Batman, character, actor, videogames,
Radio commercial Expat Radio  Posted 03/11/2016
Radio, commercial, Expat Radio France,
Video game Wolfman Monster voice  Posted 03/10/2016
videogames, video games, character voice, narrator,
Radio CMC cardio vascular disease  Posted 03/08/2016
voice over, voice-over, voice overs, johnny stone, john Sutton, voices, cardio vascular disease, CMC, Radio, male voice, confident, calming, believable, deep, smooth,
Cartoon improvisation on the word wittle  Posted 03/07/2016
Cartoon, voices, improvisation,
Explainer Video Diabetes Patient voice acting  Posted 03/01/2016
Explainer Video, Diabetes, Patient, voice acting,
E Learning Interactive Corporate scanner  Posted 02/26/2016
E Learning, business, corporate, whiteboard, online education, employee class,
Videogames ChromaGun Steam Release Trailer AUDIO ONLY  Posted 02/17/2016
videogames, video games, character voice, narrator,
Videogame Senior Bloodstone The Torturer  Posted 02/14/2016
Videogame, video games, video, games, senior, creepy, raspy,
Movie Trailer "Just Humans" Opening narration  Posted 02/12/2016
Movie Trailers, slow, dramatic, deadpan,
RADIO commercial Crocs shoes laid back man  Posted 02/11/2016
Radio, laid back, hippie, crocs, shoes, commercial, calm, believable, fun,
CHARACTER George Washington Quote for animation  Posted 02/10/2016
Characters, actor, George Washington quote, animation short, education, revolutionary war, ,
Television Real Estate NYC West Village  Posted 02/08/2016
Television, commercial, Real Estate, NYC West Village, voice over, male voice, voiceovers, voice-over, smooth, professional, deep, convincing, storyteller, narration, advertising,
Movie Trailer GTF World Brand conference  Posted 02/06/2016
movie trailer, caring, deep, confident, smooth, ,
Voicemail Company Telephone message  Posted 02/03/2016
Telephone, voicemail, message, business, conversational, executive, warm,
RADIO liners SelectUKradio  Posted 02/01/2016
Radio, commercial, spot, liners, deep, soulful,
RADIO High Energy Monster Trucks Mudbogging   Posted 01/27/2016
Radio, Television, High energy, announcer, Monster Trucks,
TV Political Galveston Texas  Posted 01/25/2016
Television, Political, deep, concerned, authoratative,
VIDEOGAME VILLAIN creepy raspy  Posted 01/20/2016
video games, villain, character, creepy, raspy, deep
MOVIE TRAILER Tags Climate Change  Posted 01/18/2016
movie trailer, caring, deep, ,
CORPORATE EDUCATION Product use Pinpoint Appointment App  Posted 01/15/2016
corporate audio, mobile app, education, conversational, authoratative,
INTERNET COMMERCIAL Acceledent Boston Institute of Aesthetic Medicine  Posted 01/14/2016
Internet, Tags, video tag, Medicine, radio, television,
VIDEOGAMES Character Effected Voice Evil sinister  Posted 01/13/2016
videogames, mobil app, app, eeffected voice, evil, sinister, monster, creepy,
VIDEOGAME CHARACTER powerful warrior commands dry   Posted 01/12/2016
Videogames, character,
INTERNET ETV watch live  Posted 01/11/2016
Internet, Tags, video tag, ETV, radio, television,
AUDIOBOOK Hopa   Posted 01/10/2016
Audiobook, narration,
PODCAST Legacy Force return liner  Posted 01/09/2016
RADIO Tiempo Escrow Service  Posted 01/08/2016
radio, financial, whiteboard, explainer video, corpoarate,
RADIO commercial Audi Quatro Calgary,Canada  Posted 01/07/2016
commercial, Radio, auto, Audi, corporate, believable, announcer,
RADIO commercial Glenmore Audi multi takes  Posted 01/06/2016
Radio, Television, TV, commercial, authoritative, believable, ,
TV Commercial Audi   Posted 01/05/2016
TV, Television, commercial, advertisement, Movie Trailer, narration,
NARRATION Film Sacred Journey  Posted 12/10/2015
E LEARNING Work Assure  Posted 06/17/2015
online education, whiteboard, business, corporate, E Learning, employee class,
NARRATION Hypnosis   Posted 03/06/2015
male voice, smooth, deep, slow, voice-overs, Hypnosis,
E Learning POXF Camera instruction  Posted 11/30/-0001
Educational, e-learning, corporate audio, product instruction,
Batter Up Baseball  Posted 11/30/-0001
Television, TV, commercial, deep, smooth, dramatic, storyteller, inspiring,