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Voiceover demo multi styles  Posted 06/20/2019
Infintus  Posted 04/19/2019
Education, Whiteboard, E Learning, online classes, computer instructions,
Black Wolves lacrosse  Posted 01/18/2019
Television, TV, commercial, deep, smooth, dramatic, storyteller, inspiring, commercial, sports ,
Podcast Open  Posted 11/29/2018
podcasting, youtube, narration, storyteller, deep, dangerous, awareness, believable, dramatic,
Debt Free Demo Multiple style takes  Posted 11/28/2018
Crossover Commercial Inspiring Epic  Posted 08/06/2018
Television, TV, commercial, deep, smooth, dramatic, storyteller, inspiring, epic, award winning, movie trailer, film, internet video,
Venice shoes  Posted 07/30/2018
Television, TV, commercial, deep, smooth, dry humor, playful,
MOVIE TRAILER Life is EPIC RV Nomads   Posted 07/18/2018
movie trailer, caring, deep, confident, smooth, ,
The Fred St. Croix  Posted 07/14/2018
BZTRS Promo  Posted 06/25/2018
Television, TV, commercial, deep, smooth, dramatic, storyteller, inspiring,
CSL Cargo  Posted 05/20/2018
Radio, commercials, trailers, characters,
Canyon country Slow Cowboy  Posted 08/02/2017
documentaries, commercials, narration, storyteller,
RADIO commercial Crocs shoes laid back man  Posted 02/11/2016
Radio, laid back, hippie, crocs, shoes, commercial, calm, believable, fun,
RADIO bumpers Ron Deering   Posted 01/17/2016
Radio, announcer, high energy, friendly,
INTERNET COMMERCIAL Acceledent Boston Institute of Aesthetic Medicine  Posted 01/14/2016
Internet, Tags, video tag, Medicine, radio, television,
VIDEOGAMES Character Effected Voice Evil sinister  Posted 01/13/2016
videogames, mobil app, app, eeffected voice, evil, sinister, monster, creepy,
VIDEOGAME CHARACTER powerful warrior commands dry   Posted 01/12/2016
Videogames, character,
INTERNET ETV watch live  Posted 01/11/2016
Internet, Tags, video tag, ETV, radio, television,
AUDIOBOOK Hopa   Posted 01/10/2016
Audiobook, narration,
RADIO Tiempo Escrow Service  Posted 01/08/2016
radio, financial, whiteboard, explainer video, corpoarate,
RADIO Stop Smoking TAGS  Posted 01/07/2016
Radio, commercial, stop smoking, corporate, believable, announcer, Tag, Tags,
RADIO commercial Audi Quatro Calgary,Canada  Posted 01/07/2016
commercial, Radio, auto, Audi, corporate, believable, announcer,
TV Commercial Oikos Yogurt Audition  Posted 12/07/2015
television, TV, commercial, radio, fun, upbeat, enthusiastic,
RADIO Air filter Buy :60 dry  Posted 04/25/2015
Radio, conversational, guy next door, friendly,