Client Testimonials
"I've worked with Johnny in the past and he has been consistently great at 1) communicating, 2) being flexible 3) going beyond agreed specifications, and 4) speed of service. I will definitely use him again... and again." - pattricklewis, TV Producer, Texas, 02/12/18
"He is our go to guy for voice overs...." - bhowse, Audio Radio Producer, 02/10/18
"easy, quick and gave me options to consider so no need to send back for revision nor no need for adjustments" - genomalusek, Pole, 02/06/18
"Man Johnny crushed it. Awesome voice overs and I highly recommend!" - impactlife, impactlife, 02/06/18
"Once again, John was 11 out of 10! What a voice, what a professional!" - coltrane6, WT, 02/05/18
"Quick. Easy. Well done." - Emaname, marketing730, 02/02/18
"Easy, fast and end product is always awesome. Great guy to work with, would recommend over and over! Thanks Johnny!" - GR, gearrak, 02/01/18
"Super fast delivery and high quality work." - Alice, aliceandsmith, 01/23/18
"It was my pleasure to work with you!" - dilldilson, Media Producer, Video Editor, 01/21/18
"This seller is the best in his job. The speed with which he processes the orders is unprecedented. You would almost think that he is not of this earth! Excellent!" - euphoricnl, Video Producer, 01/19/18
"Fantstic to work with" - imoutrage, Advertising Agency, 01/18/18
"Extremely fast delivery and the quality we were looking for! Thanks!" - marketscale, Independent Producer, 01/17/18
"Great Experience. Johnny was quick to respond, followed requirements and added his personal flair, delivered fast with 3 different options. Highly recommend." - dougcostello, Agency Media Producer, 01/16/18
"Johnny is a quick and easy to work with professional!" - mblackstock, Producer, 01/08/18
"I was originally taken back by Johnny's range and inflection. I needed someone who can be compelling, friendly, conversational and professional. He is all that and more! He delivered on his promise, and went above and beyond to give me several takes, so that I can be 100% totally satisfied with his work. He is the "real deal". I'm very satisfied!" - richarddrisc101, Producer, 01/05/18
"It was just what I needed." - evaughnhigh, Private Producer, 12/30/17
"Great voice, quick delivery. Right on target!" - markyawney, Independent Producer, 12/29/17
"I don't even know what to say, I was just blown away by Johnnystone, My boss is on my ass about getting a VO done, our other guy craps out, I buy this gig and he had it delivered in what seemed like MINUTES, with 4 TAKES to choose from. Absolutely incredible service, one of the best gigs I've ever ordered here. He's worth the price." - gmediasolutions, Advertising Agency, 12/22/17
"Outstanding performance, we are absolutely delighted with the outcome of our order!" - aliceandsmith, Video Game Developer, 12/21/17
"Johnny did great work. Less than one hour from start to finish! Highly recommended!" - solorinc, Private Producer, 12/20/17
"It was great working with Johnny! He was also very accommodating to our tight deadline. Looking forward to working with him again." - elucido, Producer, 12/20/17
"Johnny was great to work with. He responded extremely fast and delivered exactly what I asked for." - davidfoust863, Independent Producer, 12/15/17
"Fastest delivery I've ever had. Super high quality voice work. 10/10 will be working with you again!" - hayden_ali, Independent Producer, 12/03/17
"SUPERB!!!" - roytan8888, Private Producer, 12/02/17
"Excellent all around. Had a last minute change request that was delivered right away. I'll definitely use Johnny Stone again. Thanks!!" - cameronpearce, Media Producer, Video Editor, 12/01/17
"Great service! I will happily work with you in future projects. Thank you!" - bointsi, Ad Agency, 11/15/17
"I had a very good experience. The communication was fast, deliver on the point! I'll definitely come back with more projects!" - s_klostermair, Finnish Film Producer, 11/12/17
"Fast communication - easy to work with - fulfilled our requests for a certain style very well. Would recommend!" - tannerparsons, Blue Max, 11/10/17
"Johnny brought us high quality voice over in one hour, when we needed a small fix he did it in a few minutes!" - p6f23kwr, Film Producer, 11/08/17
"Just perfect for a deep legendary story-telling VO. Fast delivery." - , adatune, 11/07/17
"I needed a voice over for a commercial for my website. Johnny went beyond my expectations. He has a perfect voice for a dark and gloomy video. Exactly what we needed. He did everything in just under 1 hour. Go with the ProPack for sure. Thanks Johnny!" - , grayindustries, 11/06/17
"Johnny has an amazing voice! He was super fast and was spot on with what we asked for. I will be coming back for more!" - mstenbakken, Corporate Video Producer, 11/05/17
"Amazing Voice, quick and professional, thank you Johnny" - elymatt, Advertising Agency, 10/10/17
"Super FAST delivery and EXCELLENT quality work. Thank you!" - mmentors, Investment Podcast Host, 10/10/17
"Because this dude and his work is awesome." - tomazpraunseis, Documentary Film Producer, 10/08/17
"It was an honor and pleasure to be working with johnny, he contacts very fast and make sure gets everything right! If anyone looking for a great voice actor! He is your guy!" - berkannd, Producer, 10/03/17
"Amazing! Fast, easy to work work, perfect and happy to have found Johnny Stone." - dragqueenmerch, 10/02/17
"Fast and professional." - jenergy, Podcast Hostess, 10/01/17
"Fast, Professional, nailed it on the first try!" - mattmatt20, Private Producer, 09/28/17
"We had a script with changes in tone as the script moves forward. Johnny provided a voice over exactly as we had envisioned. With the additional two reads, he provided additional variety which still met our brief! It was difficult deciding which one we liked more, but this gave us the flexibility to match it to music and visuals prior to deciding." - grace_chau, Video Producer, 09/25/17
"I chose him based on my needs and on his demo reel. He was very easy to work with and delivered exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely hire him again for future projects." - dmberry, Ad Agency, 09/19/17
"Yes I am truly satisfied and I will be back, five stars!" - drmarrone, Copywriter producer, 09/17/17
"Johnny is a Rock Star...excellent work. No joke...I hit submit came back a little while later and boom! Completed and perfect!" - rockstl, Producer, 09/17/17
"Johnny Stone is the real deal! I'm so excited about the 15 second voice over he did for me! Totally worth my money aaaand he turned it around in just a few hours! Professionalism at it's best!" - sweeneymae, Administrator, 09/16/17
"literally took about an hour. did a very good job. worth the extra bit of cash" - wildpool, Video Producer, 09/15/17
"Great work! And really fast! It was pleasure to work with Johnny, he made excellent work. Thanks a lot and hope to work together again." - jrintheblack, Private Producer, 09/13/17
"SO AWESOME!!!!!! We loved the final version of our voice broadcast!!" - mollyla, Insurance adjuster, 09/11/17
"Of course. He's stunning!!!" - khkmma, Fight Promotions, Bahrain, 09/09/17
"Johnny does amazing work. He is extremely fast and always wants to ensure you end up with a product you are happy with. I highly recommend Johnny." - daviesci, Video Producer, 09/08/17
"Very fast and flexible, easy to work with." - shanipaqman, Insurance Agency, 09/08/17
"Fast and sounds great! Highly recommended." - asalisbury, Advertising Agency, 09/07/17
"Great communication. Very fast delivery as well as good quality work. Johnny exceeded expectations and delivered not just what we asked for but gave us a few more options for our adverts." - bigmoesdiner, bigmoesdiner, 09/07/17
"You ROCK! I was beside myself with joy! Thank you so much, for a WONDERFUL performance, and that doesn't even begin to express my gratitude...have a GREAT day!" - louisravallone, Radio Show Host, 09/07/17
"Top notch service. Thank you Johnny will definitely use again" - ecristea, Producer, 09/06/17
"...wanted to say I just finished Chromagun, a video game you voiced for, and I'm very impressed with your work. Once I heard your voice, I had to do a Google search for you. Keep up the good work, you have a God-given talent. " - JDrew, Gamer, 09/03/17
"This is my second project with Johnny. Both times exceeded my expectations! Wonderful experience." - collinsvisual, Independent Film Producer, 08/31/17
"100% no frills, no b.s., broadcast quality, FAST. Thank you very much! You're good, you!" - b5150, biomech, 08/30/17
"Great to work with! Excellent results!" - aliwilliams22, Independent Producer, 08/30/17
"Awesome and thorough job!" - jmarklackey, Insurance Agency, 08/28/17
"Johnny Stone is rock solid! Every time. A pleasure to work with as well." - markbandura, Gravel Doctor, 08/24/17
"Always superb quality and excellent service. Can't wait to be back again!" - markusH, Truth in Trading, 08/20/17
"Johnny was awesome to work with. His voice, his ability to understand what I was looking for, and the speed of his delivery was absolutely fantastic! I would highly recommend his services." - jboogg, Independent Film Producer, 08/19/17
"Outstanding Experiene, five stars." - NF, nesfinancial, 08/12/17
"Cool! I think it ended up brilliant and thanks for the super fast response!" - Andreas, Agency Denmark, 08/09/17
"Incredibly fast response and really professional voice acting. Did it in several different styles as well. Went above and beyond my expectations!" - gregrobeson, Film Media Producer, 08/08/17
"Fast and over delivered. Fantastic!" - peteb1983, Game Developer, 08/07/17
"Top-notch quality, and fast as hell (on a Sunday, no less). Highly recommend! " - Legends of the Nahanni Valley, Mystery writer, 08/06/17
"awesome job in short time, I became a Johnny fan! i'm hoping work with him the next time! thanks for everything man!" - claudiomorata, Producer, 08/04/17
"Johnny on the spot! Unbelievably quick turnaround with a quality result. Very impressed." - ericmills, Film Producer, 08/03/17
"I am looking forward to working with JohnnyStone again in the near future. Thanks!" - tapflorida, Business Show Podcaster, 08/02/17
"Incredible pipes.. great turnaround. Thanks!" - aaron g, R&B Rewind Podcast Host, 07/24/17
"Awesome! Just what we needed!" - VB, Film Producer, 07/19/17
"You did an outstanding job. Thank you so much. " - JC, Adventist Youth Congress Germany, 07/19/17
"Repeat Buyer here. Johnny delivered my last minute order in a few minutes!! I wanted that special kind of energetic, passionate voice and he just blew my mind. Thanks Johnny. You are the best!" - nympheastellata, Independent Producer, 07/06/17
"I've worked with many voice artists over the past 40 years. John Sutton is one of the very best. His voice work is high quality, on time and captured just the tone we've been looking for on this project. John worked with me and our editors to make our documentary project a success. Thanks John. You are a pros pro. " - Barney McCoy Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 07/02/17
"Perfect!" - fidelgamboa, Fidel Ernesto Vermouth, 07/01/17
"Exactly what we were after at an incredible speed. Thanks very much, Johnny." - dangough, Radio Station, 06/29/17
"What a great voice talent. Johnny was perfect for the voiceover we needed. Beyond the quality of the voice, Johnny under promised and over delivered by getting the final recording in my hands the same day! Will definitely work with him again." - tjhyer, Indie Audio Video Production, 06/28/17
"Superb experience! Repeat customer. As always, delivered very fast. Very responsive, so there is no worry about time gap. He kindly recorded two versions for the first delivery. What is more, he recorded three versions of a non-English word by different intonations, so that I can replace it with the part. Thank you so much! Highly recommended!" - fantastic2013, Independent Producer, 06/26/17
"Thank you! I received the audio on the same day! Fast respond and great job!" - spawnto, Spawnto Co., 06/15/17
"Was great and really fast!" - magnetriv, EDM DJ Musician, 06/13/17
"Fast, professional and incredible audio quality!" - collinsvisual, Film Producer, 06/12/17
"Seriously!!!!!!!! Ok, I've hired several VO artists and when I read same day delivery, I was like, I've heard that before.... BUT HOLY CRAP BATMAN! I paid at 10:07 am, and I got the final product at 10:37 am! And it's awesome! You, sir, are going on my short list! Thank you" - timkrause, 06/11/17
"Incredibly fast service and exceeded expectations." - dserletic, Independent Producer, 06/09/17
"Amazing delivery! Johnny made the locution of our VR experience and it sounded exactly as we expected. Really awesome result and fast delivery. Thanks!" - kongasounds, Agency Media Producer, 06/09/17
"Johnny was simply AMAZING. He was quick, professional and very affordable. I will certainly use him again." - mtldmr, LA Film Producer, 06/08/17
"The goal was to get an epic and buttery voice for a commercial voice over and Johnny delivered. The three revisions (which I didn't have to use) are a guarantee of an excellent outcome and service." - kakiisch, Ad Agency, 06/07/17
"An editors dream!! Killer VO, with super fast delivery!" - bestfrnz, Bestfrnz Films, 06/02/17
"Thank You so much ! Appreciated the bonus options of variations on pacing /speed of voice in the message content ! Gave me enough options to present to my client which made me look good to my client ! Will use Johnny again hopefully sometime soon !!" - genomalusek, Media Producer, 06/01/17
"This man is un-real. He got what I wanted in one take. Top-notch work done lightning-fast. You will not regret working with him." - deegan, Advertising Executinve, 05/25/17
"Awesome voice, very fast delivery! Thanks!" - pipojost, 05/23/17
"1) Extremely impressed with Johnny Stone's fast turnaround & response time. 2) His voice talent, voice inflections and epic-cinematic sound is absolutely perfect. 3) When we had a script revision, he was very patient with us while we got the final copy revised. 4) You won't be disappointed with Johnny Stone!" - reliantf, Video Producer, 05/22/17
"Very impressive, received my order as promised within 4 hours. He went extra miles to make sure he understands my words pronunciations, and even correct a typo in my script. I highly recommend to use his service, thank you John..." - arunponnu, Indie Producer, 05/19/17
"My goal was to have a recording to see how my video game script would sound. Johnny gave me the samples in 10 min! Amazing to work with and great quality. SO happy with the outcome." - elishaferguson, Video Game Developer, 05/18/17
"Wow! Just Wow, 1.5 hours from written script to exactly what I was after. John has a new regular customer. This work was not only fast but, top, top quality. If you need a voice over, this is your man. I would not hesitate to recommend him to you. Thank you so much." - poltergeist, Video Producer, 05/17/17
"Fast and Professional!" - Ahrelia, sector5digital, 05/16/17
"Even better than I expected! keep up the good work!" - janpipan, Commercial Producer, 05/10/17
"FIVE STARS! Video highlights narration from a trade association conference." - jamcnabb856, 05/09/17
"That's amazing man! Thanks so much! I will be ordering again soon I think. Might need a small revision for a line or two when we finish the trailer but I'll let you know. Great job! THANKS." - monovip, San Francisco film maker, 05/09/17
"Johnny was so fast and great to work with. Truly one of the best..." - timox93, Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey, 05/08/17
"Exactly what I wanted. Will use again." - williamfeagin29, Solid Source Realty, 05/08/17
"I purchased an intro for a TV show and Podcast called In Your Corner. Although he had 24 hours to produce this for me Johnny sent it to me an hour after I ordered. I've purchased gigs for years and never had service this quick or good. I love the voice over. Johnny is world class all the way." - TerryP, inyourcorner, 05/07/17
"Amazing, I cannot believe what I hear is this man from hollywood?? will do wayyy more business with you!" - protorock, Private Producer, 05/06/17
"Fast and fantastic work - highly recommend! Thanks." - zillionairess, Producer, 05/06/17
"Needed a voice-over for a bridal shower video montage. Five stars!" - aliibrahim, 05/06/17
"Excellent and very efficient service. Thanks" - taitchison, Documentary Film Producer, 05/04/17
"fallenleaffilms Needed a VO last minute. It was delivered within 30min of my request with updates on the status along the way. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you!" - , fallenleaffilms, 05/04/17
"Perfect, service was very fast & his voice is excellent :) Thanks again johnny, will be back for more." - ianbborg, Producer, 05/04/17
"I had Johnny do my business voicemail and he did a great job, highly recommended!" - mattkayne, MK, 05/03/17
"Amazing! Really helped me out in a pinch. I would definitely definitely recommend" - sethdude1, Indie Film Producer, 05/02/17
"Working with Johnny is a treat. He's faster than a lightening bolt and fully absorbed my requirement in one go. Delivered my order with amazing quality with multi styles. 200% recommended!! Thanks Johnny." - nympheastellata, Independent Producer, 05/01/17
"The responsiveness was incredible, extremely happy!" - Tom, Idea Spring, 04/27/17
"Does he live in a recording studio? Contact and revisions were nearly instant... thank you!" - dinzitari, Advertising Agency, 04/26/17
"Very fast!! Great work!" - GGibson, Private Producer, 04/26/17
"As usual, johnnystone understands the gig completely…and exceeds my expectations in the best way possible. I couldn't be more pleased." - WardoGordo, Indie Producer, 04/25/17
"AWESOME! Its like he was able to read my mind with the script. Perfect tone, and mood!" - edwardmpmi, Video game producer, 04/17/17
"John Sutton is an exceptional voice over talent and a pleasure to work with. I've hired him multiple times. He will gladly produce multiple takes for your project until you find that perfect feeling. His turnaround is quick and easy as well." - JWeinstock, Joshua Weinstock Video Production & Photography | , 04/17/17
"Excellent turn around time and very responsive, great voice! Can't ask for more!" - DJFranco, Video Game Developer, 04/13/17
"Outstanding. Fantastic. Super fast with multiple versions for further editing possibilities. Couldn't have asked for better." - PLewis, Producer, 04/06/17
"Incredible work!!! Different tones and acting skills fitting my purpose. Worth every penny. Delivered in 4 hours even though I ordered in the middle of the night. I recommend Johnny and will def order again." - carolinamauri, Indie Video Producer, 04/04/17
"So good!... Multiple takes and delivered in MINUTES!..." - Ahartwick, Media producer, 04/03/17
"Nailed it on the first pass. Super fast response and delivery." - Jason, kgv studios, 03/29/17
"Johnny has the perfect voice, just like what I need. Also, he understood clearly what I want with the project. Outstanding work from a professional talent. Thanks Johnny! I will definitely come back with more projects. Cheers!" - SummerY, Indie Producer, 03/28/17
"Very professional and great to work with. Would definitely recommend and will used for future projects." - COV, 03/25/17
"I appreciate you, thanks! I can work with that!" - JD, Cumulus Media, 03/20/17
"Johnny Stone is by far the best voice actor we've ever worked with. Johnny immediately understood our script and put himself completely into the role of our video game character. Additionally, the voiceover was also recorded within a few hours (other providers, need several days for the same word count)! Highly recommended!" - SHarbour, Sky Studios, 03/17/17
"Definitely a 5 star rating!!!! Thank you so much for the great work!!! Will definitely come back again for more." - GCheng, Producer, 03/15/17
"Johnny was fantastic. Great experience. Could not be happier with the audio!" - Tiberiousm, Podcast, 03/13/17
"Awesome and Fast. We will use your services again for sure!" - Brandon H, WVW Broadcasting, 03/09/17
"Best voice over ever!" - FMolnar, Diamond , 03/06/17
"Fast and spot on! Take care of that great voice Johnny and I'll be back." - mikedcraft, Producer, 03/05/17
"Excellent Voice and Fast Delivery.... Highly Recommended" - MA, DesignHub, 02/27/17
"Great work and follow up, and though we didn't manage to get our deadline due to internal changes on the project, Johnny did its best making sure we could've. Thanks so much!" - JayQ., Opportunitimes, 02/24/17
"Thank you so much! Awesome! Thank you!" - MeganS, Prairie Pictures, 02/22/17
"Thanks a lot for your professional work All the best." - Nir, Teta, 02/21/17
"Well this was even better than expected. He may not be the cheapest but this service is state of the art, super quick and easy to work with. got what I wanted. What more can you ever expect. Thanks. This was only the first order with more to follow." - ClarkW, LightScale, 02/20/17
"John made an extraordinary job on a very tight schedule. Also, when I asked for a correction, he made two additional takes. He's great! " - LeandroS, Auruvant, 02/19/17
"Really professional" - carcaliu, 02/17/17
"All-around Impressive! Less than 30 minute turn around time with 4 variations of the script. Pro-voice, friendly communication and quick turn-around. You will find no better anywhere." - Mchaud, Kriegers Car Dealership, 02/16/17
"Absolutely superb work, as usual! And your turnaround times are ridiculously fast!" - Steve C., Chromatec, Chroma Gun Video Game, 02/06/17
"John made an extraordinary job on a very tight schedule. Also, when I asked for a correction, he made two additional takes. He's great!" - Auravant, Institutional Video Argentina, 02/01/17
"Perfect - and SO fast. I'll be back for more." - jon e, 01/24/17
"Amazing work delivered very fast. Saved my project! Highly recommended!" - E Sen, Indonesia Films, 01/23/17
"johnnystone was a pleasure to work with. Great voice with breadth of delivery, offers variety of readings of lines, imaginative. I will definitely use him again, and I recommend him highly, without qualifications." - w gordo, Wardogordo, 01/22/17
"Brilliant work, really top quality! Very fast service. I will be using again, soo pleased with how the pro handled this!" - Visions of Fire, Indie game producers, 01/13/17
"Thanks again!" - KSchultz, Indie Producer LA, 10/19/16
"Johnny is amazing. This is my third time ordering. Highly professional!" - TerryJ, Game Producer, 10/09/16
"Absolutely a wonderful experience, hands down. Thanks so much for your work. Will work with you again!" - Ivananna, Films, 09/26/16
"Outstanding Experience!" - FrankM, FrankMolnarProductions, 09/26/16
"This is my second time asking Johnny to voice the same character. He provided multiple readings of the script, made some parts more natural, and breathed life in the character with lots of expression. The result is fantastic." - sallyp, Independent Producer, 09/19/16
"Outstanding experience! Look forward to working with Johnny again!!!!!! Can say enough how great of a job he did not to mention when he says 4 hours he means it. I got it done in less time. Definitely worth it for the price!!" - CrsnJohn, Spot Production, 09/13/16
"This was certainly one of the best choices. Johnny delivers high quality recordings that really capture the attention of the audience." - Eugene I, Documentary Producer, 09/07/16
"Far exceeded my expectations, both in quality of recording and delivery time frame. I will most assuredly hire him again!! First class work!!!" - venice, Indie Film Producer, 08/01/16
"Great voice, professional execution and quick turnaround...I've worked with many pros and John is among the best." - Michael Medico, CEO, E+M Advertising, 07/27/16
"Quick delivery, incredible voice. Will order again" - Tepsep, Indie Audio Production, 07/21/16
"This guy rocks. End of story." - NB, NB Film, 07/20/16
"OK, this is the man!! Look nowhere else!! Fast delivery, totally pro and always better than expected. This is my secret weapon to my stuff hitting a home run!! Thank YOU johnnystone! Cant say enough, 4 thumbs up!!" - NB, NBFilm, 06/29/16
"Amazing voice and quality! I will keep using as much as possible." - escalator376, 06/21/16
"Excellent quality! Great character delivery!" - AngelaE, Esperaldo, 06/02/16
"Great and very fast work! A highly recommended professional voice. 5 stars!!" - JarolMusic, JM, 05/14/16
"amazing! Wait, no, AMAZING!!!!! " - nbfilm, Film Producer, 05/06/16
"Always speedy! Plus delivers great Voice Over. I used Johnny for the past three projects due to his fast delivery! Thanks. You ROCK!" - Wheeler2 Video Producer, PSE Archery, 05/01/16
"Great as always!" - Diego, Goyomascardi,Game Developers, 04/27/16
"John...WOW! Yours is by far the best ... (and the most variations) that I have received for this project. Thanks so much for spending so much time on this." - Josh W., Video Production & Photography Kansas City, 04/21/16
"Amazing Talent! Really amazing work!" - Kev75, Independent Film Producer, 04/19/16
"Wow!!! Fantastic audition!! Love the variations" - Tony N., N Productions, LA, 04/13/16
""My partner and I are working on our first show and so we are new to voice overs. John made our first experience very pleasant. He is extremely responsive and professional not to mention very skilled. 5 out of 5"" - Sean, Oak & Pint Podcast, 03/24/16
"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for being so great today. We will definitely use you in the future. You're awesome!! " - AnnaC, Creative Copy Artists , 03/22/16
"The turnaround time was less than an hour! Great experience and gave a variety of reads! " - Cindy04, Film Student, 03/15/16
"I highly recommend John for voice over freelance jobs. John is very talented voice over artist and actor. Has very pleasant personality and patience. He really tried to understand the requirements and made a male voice over job." - Richard W, Zeerk, 03/11/16
""Awesome voice, and very fast turnaround." 5 star review." - The Secret House, Indie Game developer, 03/10/16
"Exceptional Genius, thousandfold thanks! " - yoddlingpa, Independent Producer, 03/07/16
"A world class voice artist! Amazed and Impressed by the level of professionalism, talent and the super fast quick delivery Johnny is definitely a voice artist you cannot go wrong with. Highly recommended!! Cheers Johnny! " - rangailleperuma, Game Developer, 03/01/16
"Johnny always delivers! As he says in his promo he is crazy enough to do just about any voice you can imagine! " - MP, modernprimitive, 02/26/16
"Amazing voice, with lighting fast turn overs. Recommended. " - marvluna, Indie Film Producer, 02/20/16
"Thanks again for your awesome work. We’ll definitely be getting back to you on future projects! " - Steve Crouse, Pixel Maniacs, 02/17/16
"Awesome work by Johnny. Quality of his work and quick turnaround impressed me. Will definitely be returning for more voice overs. Thank you! " - specul8r, Independent Producer, 02/15/16
"Just what I needed. Multiple line readings gave me a lot of choices. Thank you! " - sallyprice, Independent Producer, 02/14/16
"Johnny is a joy to work with. Incredibly fast, wonderfully accurate, and an amazing, rich voice. I highly recommend him." - James Wiggins, Senior Instructional Designer, ARRIS, 02/12/16
"Lightning fast turnaround. Exactly as expected. Thank you Johnny " - myanimationstud, Video Producer, 02/10/16
"Amazing work and experience! " - dty2001, Independent Producer, 02/08/16
"Absolutely outstanding! " - Josh B., Independent Producer, 02/04/16
"Amazing experience! Exactly as I asked and unbelievably fast. Thank you! " - Molly S., Aldeen Managment, 02/03/16
"EPIC Awesome voice, smooth and rich, like a fine whiskey. Delivered fast and with style, great work Johnny! RECOMMENDED " - Danny, SelectUKRadio, 02/01/16
"Great Work! Promised to deliver in 4 hours, I received in 1/2! " - Pearz, Independent Producer, 02/01/16
"Johnny is a joy to work with. Incredibly fast, wonderfully accurate, and an amazing, rich voice. I highly recommend him." - " - James Wiggins, , ARRIS, Senior Instructional Designer, 02/01/16
"Exception voice and professionalism. Unbeatable value for the money. " - Lior, liorlbmarketing, 02/01/16
"Thanks a lot... sounds good! " - gregorycheong, Lucenxia’s Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Cycler, 01/22/16
"Perfect again ~ thank you! " - lisao138, Audi Quatro, 01/19/16
"Everyone, I highly recommend Johnny for your projects. His speed in delivering Your order is super sonic and he is there to satisfy You . It was my second time working with him and both times were superb for me. samezati" - samezati, Indie Film Maker, 01/18/16
"Awesome job... you nailed it... thank you so much... response time was amazing.. you rock " - Ron Deering, Ron Deering Seminars, 01/17/16
"Johnny did just a fantastic job on the voice overs for Pinpoint Appointment and his experience, creativeness, courtesy, patience and professionalism exceeded my expectations. " - Tony Bellessai, Pinpoint Appointment, 01/15/16
"Johnny, thank you for your work! I am completely satisfied! " - sergey zotov, Aceledent Boston Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, 01/14/16
"Good Experience! " - wheeler2, Brute Force PSE Archery, 01/13/16
"Outstanding experience! " - hpopova735, E TV, 01/12/16
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"Fast delivery - Funny when required - and many takes to choose from - as I asked. Great work" - Karsten Flindt ,, 12/21/15
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"John did an amazing job for my video game project. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. When I asked for revisions, not only did he do them, he did multiple takes (and by multiple I mean a LOT) to ensure that he hit every different intonation you could think of for a given line of dialogue. I recommend John for your voiceover needs (especially if those needs are character driven)." - Elye Sackmary, 12/04/15
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"PERFECTION!" - Blair Frayer, 08/28/15
"Perfect voice and very, very fast response to revisions. We needed a couple of revisions because of the length and complexity of the project, but the turnaround time made everything possible within the deadline." - 08/24/15
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Hopefully we will work together again.
- Ethan, Image Studios, 08/05/15
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"My go-to voice over talent from now on. Everybody who hears him loves his voice when they hear it. It's the first thing they say when they watch the video. Recorded files are evenly balanced, requiring little to no tweaking in editing. An editor's dream to work with! Incredibly responsive to scheduling and delivery. This is incredibly important considering VoiceBunny's process that does not allow me to monitor and coach during recording sessions. The talent's ability to turn around script and read adjustments more than compensates for this." - 06/06/15
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